UV Disinfectant Bag - Kills 99% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses

UV Disinfectant Bag - Kills 99% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses

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Portable UV Disinfectant Bag Kills 99% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses

Type Sterilizing Equipment
24 x 13 x 12 cm

Exterior -- PU Leather (Waterproof)

Inner -- EVA Aluminum Film

Colour Black
UV Wavelength 185nm
Sterilizing Time 15 Minutes

Ultraviolet rays use pure physical sterilization method. Irradiation with a wavelength of 260-280 nm can instantly destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms such as bacteria and make them lose their ability to reproduce and survive.


  • Disinfects, sterilizes, degasses and eliminates the pernicious influence of antisepsis
  • 360° Omnidirectional sterilization
  • One-click design, easy operation
  • Equipped with 24 UV LED beads covered by an Aluminum film for high reflectivity of Ultraviolet rays
  • 100% Chemical-free; friendly for all
  • Compatible with clothes, glasses, watches, keys, beauty tools, and daily necessities
  • This portable design is the same size as a handbag which makes it easy to carry around and convenient to bring along whenever and wherever needed